Consultation, planning and tendering

In the second BARiT generation you are advised specifically for your project. This guarantees expertise, planning, and implementation quality. From the consultation, to the planning, right through to the installation of the entire floor structure, everything is carried out by our qualified staff. Additionally BARiT provides project-related invitations to tender. BARiT tenders are complex. They are not available for download. After a phone consultation or a personal appointment, we gladly you provide them to you for your projects.

From the gutting to the turnkey handover

If others can't or won't, BARiT will. We offer complete flooring construction from gutting to the turnkey handover of the project. Whether demolition of an out-dated commercial kitchen, installation of rapid screeds or cavity floors, wall coatings or gutter installations. Full service packages with minimal interfaces. Ask about our complete solutions!

Service and sampling

The timeless aesthetic, the diversity in the design and in the colour scheme, durability and high quality workmanship speak for our seamless BARiT COATINGS based on synthetic resin. Since our synthetic resin coatings are often unique, creative questions can be solved more easily by requesting patterns, as well as specific samplings. What are your colour and grain size requirements? A special RAL colour or NCS colour?