• Max-Planck-Institut for the biology of aging

    Max-Planck-Institut for the biology of aging

  • WU Wien, Wirtschaftscampus Wien, LLC Gebäude

    WU Wien, Wirtschaftscampus Wien, LLC Gebäude

  • Stulz, Hamburg

    Stulz, Hamburg

  • TU Dresden

    TU Dresden

  • ADAC


  • VW City - Zeithaus, Wolfsburg

    VW City - Zeithaus, Wolfsburg

  • Max-Planck-Institut, Köln

    Max-Planck-Institut, Köln

  • Hypovereinsbank, München

    Hypovereinsbank, München

  • Wegeführung


  • WC Anlage Palais, Austria

    WC Anlage Palais, Austria

  • Praxis Dr. Stricker, Konstanz

    Praxis Dr. Stricker, Konstanz

  • Office with Loft design

    Office with Loft design

  • Loftdesign in Showroom

    Loftdesign in Showroom

  • Guardini School Munich

    Guardini School Munich

  • VW Autostadt - Pavillon, Wolfsburg

    VW Autostadt - Pavillon, Wolfsburg

  • Penthouse, Esslingen

    Penthouse, Esslingen

  • Pharmacy at the Theater, Esslingen

    Pharmacy at the Theater, Esslingen

  • Marc Cain, Bodelshausen

    Marc Cain, Bodelshausen

  • Barrier free Loft, Stuttgart

    Barrier free Loft, Stuttgart

  • Kindergarden Scharnhauser Park, Scharnhausen

    Kindergarden Scharnhauser Park, Scharnhausen

  • German Cinematic Museum, Berlin, Sony Center

    German Cinematic Museum, Berlin, Sony Center

BARiT designer floors

Ageless aesthetics and manifold designs and grainings plead for BARiT Terrazzo coatings to fit out any impressive objects Terrazzo coatings of high quality unite the features of no joints and high mechanical and chemical resistance to loads.

BARiT designer floors

Seamless synthetic resin floor coatings, such as seals, coatings or seamless synthetic resin floors lend themselves as designer floors, e.g. MUSEUMS-TERRAZZO flooring. These are manufactured and installed as epoxy floors or based on polyurethane (PUR). A seamless designer floor gives the designer the freedom and flexibility necessary for a sophisticated design. As commercial flooring, BARiT designer floors have high mechanical and chemical durability and offer a unique strength. The designer flooring is slip-proof. Whether loft style, classic, Bauhaus style, colour intensive or modestly homogeneous, the designer floors provide ideal conditions when it comes to transposing the external shell of a building with interior architecture accentuated for it.
For the floor design of challenging buildings and public institutions.

Designer floors by BARiT are laid seamlessly and are characterized by a high resistance, mechanical and chemical resistance and strength. Easy cleaning and a high chemical resistance are ideal for public buildings with high levels of foot traffic. We offer you designer floors as terrazzo floors (MUSEUMS-TERRAZZO) or in monochrome qualities. Due to their homogeneity, the BARiT epoxy and polyurethane flooring blends well into sensitive colour concepts. You open up a variety of creative possibilities. The colour range includes the spectrum of RAL colours.

Quick Info

  • seamless
  • aesthetic
  • environmentally friendly and in accordance with DBNB and AgBB
  • antibacterial
  • slip-proof in accordance with BGR 181 R 9
  • chemical and mechanical stability
  • suitable for wheelchairs
  • easy to clean and disinfect
  • fire classification Bfl-s1