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  • Loftfloor with Sound Impact, Pharmacy Rosenau, Esslingen

    Loftfloor with Sound Impact, Pharmacy Rosenau, Esslingen

  • Pharmacy at the Theater, Esslingen

    Pharmacy at the Theater, Esslingen

  • Marc Cain, Bodelshausen

    Marc Cain, Bodelshausen

BARiT designer floors

Ageless aesthetics and manifold designs and grainings plead for BARiT Terrazzo coatings to fit out any impressive objects Terrazzo coatings of high quality unite the features of no joints and high mechanical and chemical resistance to loads.
Apotheke am Theater, Esslingen
Apotheke am Theater, Esslingen

The BARiT ELASTIC B65 SOFTSOUND is a floor that provides special technical and ergonomic advantages due to its high elasticity.


It is particularly suitable for bridging cracks and is suitable for use on difficult surfaces. At the same time the flooring has very good impact noise and damping properties, which makes standing and walking on this floor especially comfortable. Seamlessness, creative variety of colours and impact sound improvement speak for themselves in this unique floor design.

Quick Info

  • crack-bridging
  • seamless
  • non-slip matte finish in accordance with BGR 181 R 9
  • slip-proof according to BGR 181, R 11
  • mechanical and chemical resistant
  • declared according to DGNB and LEED
  • low abrasion
  • impact-resistant
  • fire protection class Cfl-s1
  • low emissions according to to AgBB


ELASTIC B 65 SOFTSOUND can be installed in a matte or satin finish based on BARiT colour charts. Qualitative benefits such as high-quality color stability and intensity characterize ELASTIC B 65 SOFTSOUND as a designer floor. This coating surface is available in a large colour spectrum of RAL colours according to BARiT colour chart. A matte surface with slip-resistance class R9 provides for sure-footed walking.

Specialized colours are available for areas over 200m².

RAL 9010
RAL 9010
pure white
RAL 7047
RAL 7047
laser green


ELASTIC B 65 SOFTSOUND is a two-component, low-emission, solvent-free, polyurethane resin. Excelling in factors for "Building green" this surface coating has achieved 7.5 out of a possible 10 points for LEED and DGNB in environmental quality. It can be installed on top of calcium-sulfate based false and subflooring, cement as well as anhydrite flooring, and especially on heated flooring.

The synthesis between professional laying technology and the quality of the material provide for a low abrasion coating that offers good mechanical strength. Due to the coating's thickness of 6 - 7 mm, it maintains a very high impact strength and resistance and can be classified as slip resistant. ELASTIC B 65 SOFTSOUND has a high chemical resistance against salts, urine, cooking oils and food acids. The dense surface is water-repellent, dirt resistant and can be easily cleaned.
For temperature exposure, this coating can handle 120 °C temporarily, 40 °C consistently. By incorporating a special rubber layer a decrease in the volume level for impact can be reduced, while ergonomically allowing for long, symptom-free standing.

Flash point > 100 °C
Consumption/m² 1,4 kg/mm
Colour shade BARiT card of colours
Grade of gloss gloss/silk gloss/mat
Light-fastness resisting to UV with finish
Working under conditions of:
  • air humidity
  • residual moisture of the ground
  • ground temperature min.
  • ground temperature max.
  • 40 - 85%
  • < 3 %
  • 18 °C
  • 22 °C
Fire behaviour DIN EN 13501-1 Cfl-s1, hardly inflammable
Bending tensile strength DIN 1164** elastic
VOC Emission Meets the requirements of AgBB
Compression strength DIN 1164** elastic
DGNB / LEED declaration 7,5 point
Adhesion strength on concrete > 2 N/mm2 (fracture on concrete)
Adhesive pull strength DIN EN 24624 > 1,0 N/mm²
crack bridging according to DIN EN 1062-7
  • with approx. 1.5 mm thickness
test temperature: + 23 °C
  • 1.0 mm
Light-Temperature resistance 120 °C temporarily / 40 °C consistently
ultimate tensile strength according to DIN EN ISO 527
  • Tension
  • Elongation
test temperature: + 23 °C
  • 6.0 MPa
  • 69,2 %
Anti-slip Class DIN 51130 R9, R11
Sound absorption Lw = 19dB
Cleaning BARiT Cleaner*
Binding agent 2-K-PUR-resin
Chemical resistance to resistance list and self test
Curing time at 20°C:
  • mechanical stability
  • not sticky
  • walking admissible
  • final hardness
  • after 7 days / 20 °C
  • after 8-10 hours / 16 hours
  • after 16-24 hours / 24 hours
  • after 7 days
** with prism method - according to AGI Worksheet A 81 and BEB Worksheets KH5
* according to cleaning and care instructions