• Hohlraumboden


Floor construction

Hollow Flooring, Multiple Socket Connection Units, Floor Heating, Navifloor, Synthetic Resin Concrete, Thin Compensation D800, Thin Compensation Type S111, Vitmolit, Vitmopox, Concrete/Screeds

Longevity of BARiT coatings is assured by the whole floor structure. Our services also provide for placing of concrete and skreeds, either composite, in separate layers or „floating". There are flow means, reinforcements and some modern operational incorporation method to assure good densification and evenness.

Quick Info

  • plane
  • minimized cracking
  • high consistency
  • good density
  • tailored sloping


For BARit RESIN Coatings the surface structure can be installed, depending on future use, from smooth for transparent waterproofing to slightly roughed/nonslip by pellet-blasting. The addition of steel or polypropylene fibers is used to minimize crackling and shrinkage cracks.