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Floor construction

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For thin coatings on prepared underlying surfaces, BARiT offers a thin and quick, fiber-reinforced coating - Type: D800. Due to its characteristics, rapid-levelling-compound can be achieved.

Quick Info

  • planar
  • height adjustment
  • quick readiness
  • low-shrink


The thin coating D800 is a polymer-modified (PCC), fast filler for levelling of prepared underlying surfaces. BARiT D800 is quick drying, low stress, and has good converge. The self-levelling, cement-based fine mortar can be applied in thicknesses from 9-40 mm as a composite bonding on top of cement-like surfaces such as concrete.

BARiT D800 is resilient after two days. The installation must be applied on a level surface according to DIN 18202, table 3, line 3/4; holes, ridges, etc. must be filled in first.

Suitability Fine and levelling filler
Basic raw-material Premixed fine cement
Binding agent Synthetic modified
Application thickness 9 to 40 mm
Fillers/pigments Additives
Technical properties Water-mineral binding to DIN EN 13 813
Own weight 1,6 kg/m²
Resistance to pressure DIN 1164** 39 N/mm²
Bending tensile strength DIN 1164** 8 N/mm²
Processing easy mixing, manual densifying
Environmental compatibility free from harmful substances and poison, full recylability
Use Indoor
Curing at 20°C
  • ready for application, ready for use
  • after 2 days
Fields of use Remodeling new buildings
** with prism method