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Floor construction

Hollow Flooring, Multiple Socket Connection Units, Floor Heating, Navifloor, Synthetic Resin Concrete, Thin Compensation D800, Thin Compensation Type S111, Vitmolit, Vitmopox, Concrete/Screeds

4-1 = The new lightweight and rapid compensations by BARiT connect the four main properties of floor construction: light weight, fast readiness, inert insulation and simple installation.

Vitmolit and Vitmopox are ideal as super fast levelling layers between wooden and brick coffered ceilings, vaulted and concrete in new ceilings in new builds and renovations.

Both levelling layers serve as subfloors in static, temporal, impact noise and thermal insulation requirements.

Quick Info

  • planar
  • low weight
  • fast readiness
  • different height compensation
  • thermal conductivity of λ = 0.19 W / mK
  • good compaction and
  • simple to use
  • recyclable


VITMOPOX consists of recyclable, lightweight granules, which are bound together with a solvent-free, epoxy resin and has a weight of < 350 kg/m2.

Vitmolit und Vitmopox are installed with layer thicknesses from a minimum of 15 mm to a maximum of 50 mm. Thicker layers up to 350 mm can be achieved with multiply applied layers. This levelling layer is accessible after only a few hours. After twelve hours the levelling layer is set and ready for installation of ceramic coatings, textile coatings, natural stone, PVC floorings, rubber or linoleum.

Suitability super-light and heat insulation layer
Basic raw-material inflated glas
Binding agent Epoxy resin
Fillers/pigments -
Application thickness ab 15 - 50 mm
Own weight less than < 350 kg/m³
Technical properties Epoxy bound
Resistance to pressure DIN 1164** ca. 5 N/mm²
Heat insolation according to (Z-23-11-1154) K-Wert = 0,08 W/mk, λ = 0,19
Processing easy mixing, manual densifying
Environmental compatibility solvent free, full recyclability
Use Indoor
Curing at 20°C
  • ready for application
  • ready for use
  • after 8 hours
  • after 24 hours
Fields of use Remodeling new buildings
** with prismamethod