Green Building

Greenbuilding - Environmental friendly BARiT products

The health and well-being of building occupants is influenced by local climatic conditions, such as temperature and relative humidity, as well as possible contamination of indoor air. Resource-saving and environmentally friendly products that are low in emissions not only support the environment, but they also provide for a health-friendly climate in energetic construction. The tests according to AGBB, as well as the product declarations according to LEED and DGNB show that BARiT coatings are environmentally friendly.

Green Building

BARiT EP / PU floor coatings meet LEED and DGNB criteria

BARiT epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings can now be found in green building product databases. The listed epoxy resin and polyurethane floor coatings and seals contribute to the achievement of credits in the LEED and DGNB. Thus BARiT supports its customers in successful building certification according to LEED and DGNB. In addition, BARiT provides information relevant for certification in a transparent manner. You will receive the standard LEED and DGNB declarations for download.

LEED New Construction:

The products meet the requirements for paints and coatings and contribute to the achievement of one LEED credit within EQ Credit 4.2 'Low Emitting Materials - Paints and Coatings'.

The products meet the requirements for floor coatings, seals and stains for low-emission flooring and contribute to the achievement of one LEED credit within EQ Credit 4.3 'Low Emitting Materials - Flooring Systems'.

DGNB new build version 2009:

The products meet the requirements for quality levels 1 to 3. The products thus contribute to the achievement of 7.5 (of max. 10) assessment points within specification 06 "risks to the local environment". For this, the VOC contents were evaluated and the classification was carried out according GISCODE RE and PU.

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