BARiT Clean Room Floors

BARiT® Clean Room Floors

Cleanroom floors must meet special requirements - our cleanroom floors are up to the challenge!

BARiT® Clean Room Floors

BARiT cleanroom floors are used in laboratories, operating theaters, and pharmaceutical plants.

BARiT offers high-quality cleanroom floors as TERRAZZO FLOORS, coatings or jointless synthetic resin floors - for example the PHARMA-TERRAZZO. These are manufactured on the basis of epoxy (EP) or polyurethane (PUR) and installed taking into account individual conditions and requirements.

Every cleanroom floor from BARiT has high mechanical and chemical resistance and offers a unique durability. BARiT developed the PHARMA-TERRAZZO as early as 1975, because it was necessary to supply a scratch-resistant, pore- and particle-free floor for high hygienic cleanroom standards according to GMP, FDA as well as MDR (Medical Device Regulation) as an alternative to coatings.

Edgeless and jointless with high mechanical strength has been the trademark of this terrazzo for more than four decades. The surface is closed-pored and is complemented by cavity-free coving. Our pharmaceutical terrazzo can also be installed electrically conductive or dissipative. In 1996, we were awarded the Bavarian State Prize for the most innovative handcrafted product.

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BARiT Reinraumböden

Quick Info

  • seamless
  • according to GMP and FDA for Class A, B, C and D
  • non-porous
  • aesthetic
  • slip-resistant in accordance with BGR 181 R 9c
  • chemical and mechanical resistance
  • low abrasion
  • easy to clean and disinfect
  • fire protection classification Bfl-s1

Your cleanroom floor in certified quality

Durable floor designs are sustainable.

The various cleanroom floors from BARiT comply with the guidelines according to MDR, GMP and FDA standards. They have a high slip resistance and are also available with an electrically conductive finish. Our cleanroom floors comply with the strict ATEX guidelines and meet the standards for sustainable construction according to DGNB, BNB, LEED and BREAM. We don't just pay lip service to green buildings and sustainability, but floors that last are the most sustainable. Whether explosion protection, pharmaceutical production or laboratory, our BARiT floors offer additional safety with fire class Bfl-S1 (flame retardant, low smoke emissions).

The BARiT know-how is found in our PHARMA and ATEX terrazzo floors. The PHARMA-TERRAZZO is a cleanroom floor for use not only in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the cosmetic industry, food production, and cleanroom technology. BARiT cleanroom flooring complies with GMP/FDA classes A, B, C and D and is slip-resistant and suitable for barefoot use according to DIN 51097, class A and C, complying with BGR 181 R 9.

We plan your cleanroom floor construction together with you, whether areal or in detail, whether coves and washing stations or the supply and installation of floor drains; we always also offer everything from a single source!

Advantages of BARiT cleanroom floors:

Convincing through design & functionality

Convincing design & functionality

Free from harmful plasticizers

Free from harmful plasticizers


Durable & stress resitant

Suitable for damp locations

Free from harmful plasticizers

Low noise emissions, warm & easy on the joints

Suitable for humid environments

ATEX-TERRAZZO: functional and aesthetic

The prevention of electrostatic charges is a major challenge in manufacturing and the hospital sector. Our ATEX cleanroom floors are electrically conductive and comply with DIN EN 1081 between 10⁴ Ω and 10⁶ Ω. This makes them very suitable for use in operating rooms, among other things. The fact that a functional cleanroom floor can also be visually appealing at the same time is proven by our ATEX-TERRAZOS with their attractive granulation in various colour shades.

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