Detailed Design Works

Detailed Design Works

Our services include detailed installations - floor drains, box gutters, slotted gutters, or coved channels are just a few of our offerings.

Detailed designs with gutters, drains, connections and seals according to DIN 18534

Coving, stainless steel and aluminium wall profiles, inlays, tactile guidance systems, and skirting solutions for equipment bases are those details that distinguish a seamless floor covering

BARiT floors are characterized by detailed solutions. For optimum hygiene, surfaces, hygiene grooves and equipment bases are applied smoothly in R 9 in accordance with DIN 10506 and the HACCP concept and are easy to clean.

In accordance with DIN 18534, BARiT has developed and certified two waterproofing systems for wet areas according to W-2 I and W-3 I for performance class C. The BARiT upper composite Waterproofing and the BARiT structural waterproofing have general test certificates issued by the building authorities (abP). Both waterproofing systems are waterproof and chemically resistant. The temperature load is between -30 ° C, constantly at up to 70 ° C and short-term spikes between 100 ° to 120 ° C.

In floor constructions for commercial kitchens, the drainage system, which includes customized box gutters, slot gutters and floor drains, is an important detail for a watertight floor.

In shower areas, we supply floor-level shower systems as narrow channels or small box channels with various covers according to the requirements. Round and germ-free floor drains in stainless steel are special details. Design, form and functionality in perfection.

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