Sustainability for your BARiT Floor

Especially as a family business, we are aware of our responsibility towards future generations. Accordingly, the sustainable use of natural resources and the preservation of our raison d'être is a matter close to our hearts.

In concrete terms, we are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. According to our analysis, Goals 7, 9, 11 and 12 are the most relevant for us. Building on the materiality matrix, we have come up with at least one concrete initiative for each goal.

We are guided by the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

7 Clean Energy

50% of the energy in our buildings comes from our own solar system. The system is constantly being expanded depending on the price and availability of the modules. Our goal is to obtain 100% of our energy from renewable sources by 2035.

9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We are constantly improving our products. Within the last five years, we have had three research proposals approved and have developed innovative products as a result. At the moment we are trying to replace our raw materials with more sustainable biopolymers. Our goal is to submit a research proposal every two years and to incorporate the research results into our products even more often.

11 Sustainable Cities

To support the 11th goal, our business trips are preferably booked by train. In addition, our employees travel directly to construction sites by company car to avoid unnecessary commuting via the company headquarters by private car. We support e-mobility with hybrid and electric vehicles.

12 Sustainable Production

Our floors are already certified for their low emissions after installation, so they can be installed according to DGNB and BREEAM. In order to be able to offer a climate gas-free floor in the future, we are currently surveying the footprint for our products. The goal is to enable climate-neutral floor installation at the customer's request by summer 2023.

Distinguished Sustainability at BARiT

Since our customers from the automotive industry have to adapt their supply chains to the LkSG (German Supply Chain Obligations Act), BARiT was also required to take a stand on some sustainability aspects.

In the so-called SAQ rating, we achieved a score of 75/100. The German average is around 40% in comparison. We are particularly proud of the fact that we received full marks in the area of corporate ethics. The rating also showed us that we can still improve in the area of supply chain management. However, as a small medium-sized company, this is not always easy, as we don't always have the necessary influence on our suppliers.