BARiT® Design Floors

BARiT® Design Floors

Meet our award-winning floor - the BARiT® museum terrazzo


Offer your guests and customers an ambience of the highest quality with the new BARiT exposed screed.

This new design floor offers a new level of lifestyle. Among the design floors, it offers the greatest variety of possible uses, whether in living spaces, public buildings or offices, the exposed screed fits every concept. It is also ideal as a floor for outdoor and wet rooms. The simple and uniform design discreetly underlines the architecture and flatters the ensemble. As a BARiT design floor, it naturally meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetics as well as resilience.

Sichtestrich Kunstharzboden Barit Designboden Engelhorn Gastro Mannheim-4

Quick Info

  • screed as flooring
  • available smoothed or sanded
  • wide range of colours
  • coated with BARiT sodium silicates
  • uniform
  • aesthetic
  • adaptable
  • modern design
  • robust, easy to clean
  • free of solvents
  • suitable as heating screed


The smooth and absolutely flawless surface of an exposed screed requires professional planning. The professional application by BARiT employees ensures the consistent quality of BARiT design floors, which has always been our trademark. An exposed screed is a special floor because it can create a maximum effect through minimal changes. The choice of colour tone is made in accordance with the surrounding colour tones and lighting conditions, so the exposed screed can optimally design the room. Whether classy and serious or flashy and colourful. A visible screed is versatile, and there are no limits to the customer's creativity. (Exposed screed also offers possibilities for creative means, such as covering entire furniture or walls). The exposed screed can be applied in different colours and also in different finishes. Still smoothed in liquid form, the exposed screed later remains natural and thus acquires an organic look. The exposed screed can also be finished after it has hardened so that after sanding and polishing, a discreet grain-tip structure can be seen.

With its always simple design, BARiT exposed screed is a step towards the future.


BARiT exposed screed consists of a particularly dense cement-based screed. While still liquid, it is applied from 15 mm thick to the bonding bridge. It is later sealed with BARiT synthetic resin so the surface becomes denser. This guarantees high load-bearing capacity as well as easy-care behaviour of the floor. To avoid uncontrolled cracks in the floor and to meet the high demands for durability and quality, narrow expansion joints are used in a few places.

The exposed screed is, therefore, also suitable for sensitive technical equipment and is antistatic. BARiT exposed screed has a compressive strength of 35.0 N/mm2 to 45.0 N/mm2 and a flexural strength of 5.0 N/mm2 to 6.0 N/mm2, depending on the installation thickness. The exposed screed offers advantages such as good slip resistance and sustainability, as it consists mainly of mineral based materials.

Feststoffgehalt hoch
Flammpunkt nicht brennbar
Verbrauch/Quadratmeter 2,1 Kg
Körnung 0 - 8mm
Glanzgrad Matt - Glanz (85°) 10 DIN 67530
Brandverhalten DIN EN 13501-1
Biegezugfestigkeit DIN 1164 5,0 N/mm2 bis 6,0 N/mm2
Druckfestigkeit DIN 1164 35,0 N/mm2 bis 45,0 N/mm2
Haftzugfestigkeit DIN EN 24624
Rutschhemmklasse DIN 51130
Barfußtauglichkeit DIN 51097
Chemische Beständigkeit
  • Restfeuchte des Untergrundes
  • Untergrundtemperatur minimal
  • Untergrundtemperatur maximal
  • relative Luftfeuchtigkeit
Aushärtungszeit bei 20°C:
  • Begehbarkeit
  • Endfestigkeit
  • Mechanische Belastbarkeit
  • Klebefreiheit
  • nach 24 Stunden
  • nach 10-14 Tagen
Bindemittel Calciumsulfat-Dihydrat

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