BARiT® References sorted by Projects

Discover the diversity of BARiT and the BARiT floor types in our reference galleries. By simply setting filters, you can select your suitable solution according to application or soil type.


MASTERTERRAZZO in the Café-Bistro 21 Ost of the University Hospital Münster

Restaurant kitchen floor on hollow floor at b'mine hotel near Airport Frankfurt

3D Campus Lichtenfels Concept Laser

MASTERTERRAZZO and jointless BARIT Kitchen Floor at GE ADDITIVE 3D Campus Campus Lichtenfels

IN-Campus Projekthaus

BARIT kitchen floor for Large-Scale Kitchens in IN-Campus Project House, Ingoldstadt, Germany

dm Karlsruhe

Floor construction for the large-scale kitchen for dm-Drogerie, new Headquarter Karlsruhe

Wyk auf Föhr

Hotel Kitchen with BARiT Floor construction at Wellness Resort Upstalsboom, Wyk on Foehr

Frey Kaufhaus Cham Gast

MASTERTERRAZZO in Epoxy Terrazzo trendy concrete style, Frey´s Restaurant, Department store, Cham

Berufsförderungswerk Frankfurt Main e.V., Bad Vilbel, BARiT Küchenboden

BARiT kitchen floor for the canteen at Berufsförderungswerk Frankfurt Main e.V. Bad Vilbel

Barit WU-Wien Museums-Terrazzo

BARiT Terrazzo at WU Vienna, Library and Learning Center, Universitycampus Vienna

Selbstnivellierender Industrieboden (HRL Belag) in der Marburger Tapetenfabrik GmbH + Co. KG

Wall paper Factory Marburg GmbH + Co. KG / Sigloch Buchbinderei GmbH + Co. KG