Detailed Design Works

Detailed Design Works

Our services include detailed installations - floor drains, box gutters, slotted gutters, or coved channels are just a few of our offerings.


Tactile or palpable ground surface indicators are allowing blind and disabled people to move and navigatge independently in public areas. Tactile ground surface indicators are guiding trough a public place or point out hazards in order to avoid accidents and damages to health and well-being. The system is based on profiled and slanted groove plates.

Taktiles Leitsystem WU Wien

Quick Info

  • Tactile Ground Surface Indicators
  • guiding and warning
  • barrier-free in public places
  • slanted
  • subsequent installation possible
  • polyurethane UV-ressistant
  • step safety level


Example from tactile ground surface indicators


subsequent installation
subsequent installation
Directional indicators to elevtor
Directional indicators to elevtor
Directional indicators trough a room
Directional indicators trough a room
Wirtschaftsuniversität, Wien
Wirtschaftsuniversität, Wien


The grooved panels can be installed directly with the floor or retrofitted. The tactile guidance system enables people with a cane to navigate and find their way around.

Material thickness 3 mm
Surface rippled / slanted
dimensions 290mm X 40mm
Color black / light grey RAL Tones on demand
Material Polyurethane UV-ressistent

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