Seamless, anti-slip and trip-proof kitchen floors are essential for accident prevention in commercial kitchens and cold rooms. The seamless BARiT KITCHEN FLOOR meets all functionality demands due to its three-tiered step security. For a waterproof industrial kitchen, BARiT offers a complete combined system with screed, gutters and drains, waterproofing and kitchen floor.

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Quick Info

  • slip-proof in accordance with BGR 181 R 12 V4
  • non-slip according to BGR 181, R 11
  • smooth according to BGR 181, R 10, unobstructed areas
  • application on site in accordance with DIN 10506
  • seamless
  • walk over silently and vibration-free
  • mechanical and chemical stability
  • thermal resistance
  • durable and hardwearing
  • impact noise improvement according to 13 dB DIN 52210


BARiT KITCHEN FLOOR can be installed with, for example, blue/ white, black/white or additionally with object-specific granules. The design can combine the requirements for functionality with aesthetics, along with non-slip attributes. The surface has a silk gloss appearance that is pleasant for working.


light green/blue/white
light green/blue/white


The BARiT KITCHEN FLOOR system consists of high-quality, water-clear epoxy resin with polyurethane coated granules. Together, both provide for high mechanical and high chemical stability.

To achieve the anti-slip surface according to BGR 181 R 12, V 4, the multi-layer granules are incorporated into a layer thickness of 3 mm. Additionally and for optimum hygienic protection according to DIN 10506, open surfaces, grooves and sockets are coated smoothly with R 9.

In addition, the BARiT KITCHEN FLOOR system is equipped with a 1.5 mm thick integrated sealed level that fills in cracks with a width up to 1.5 mm from the subflooring. The sealed level ensures that the surface is waterproof and withstands any thermal stress. The temperature range lies between -30 °C and +100 °C.

Ergonomically, the BARiT KITCHEN FLOOR is characterized by a high accommodation for movement while maintaining its anti-slip properties, even when fats and oils are present. In addition, the noise caused by transport trolleys is reduced thanks to the seamless flooring system.

Hygienic protection, ease of cleaning, maintenance and disinfection highlight the quality of BARiT KITCHEN FLOOR. Through the use of recommended cleaning machines and cleaning agents, the seamless surface can be cleaned efficiently and economically.

Fillers Granulates
Solid matters approx. 99 %
Flash point > 100 °C
Consumption/m² 2 kg/mm
Grain BARiT card of grains
Grade of gloss silk gloss
Fire behaviour DIN EN 13501-1 Bfl-s1, hardly inflammable
Bending tensile strength DIN 1164** > 10 N/mm²
Compression strength DIN 1164** > 40 N/mm²
Adhesive pull strength DIN EN 24624 > 1,0 N/mm²
Light-fastness conditionally resisting to UV
Temperature resistance - 30 °C to + 70 °C
Chemical resistance to resistance list and self test
Working under conditions of:
  • walking admissible
  • ground temperature min.
  • ground temperature max.
  • air humidity
  • < 3 %
  • 18 °C
  • 22 °C
  • 40 - 85%
Curing time at 20 °C:
  • walking admissible
  • final hardness
  • mechanical stability
  • not sticky
  • after 16 hours
  • after 7 days
  • after 7 days fully capable of bearing
  • after 12 hours
Cleaning BARiT Cleaner*
Binding agent EP-resin

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