BARiT Floor Constructions

BARit Floor Constructions

We also take care of floor constructions for you. The installation of screed, dry screed or cavity floors are part of our offering.


The FLOOR and more® dry hollow floor system offers impressive in-built properties and state-of-the-art-technology.

FLOOR and more® consists of a supporting substructure and calcium sulphate base plates glued together - a material with excellent structural properties: non-flammable, acoustically highly effective and highly durable after just one day.



FLOOR and more® power

- Special panel composition

- Strengthened pedestals

- Stringers are not required

- Safe for driving over with heavy motorised lifting apparatus


FLOOR and more® comfort

- Quick response time for heating and cooling

- Almost all surface types are possible

- Heating capacity of 60 W/m² - 100 W/m² and cooling capacity of 23 W/m² - 45 W/m²

- Environmentally friendly, due to low supply temperature


FLOOR and more® hydro

- Suitable for rooms with higher moisture content

- Can handle high loads

Load-bearing capacity 2 kN - 6 kN
Fire protection
  • Material class of the carrier slab
  • Fire resistance class
  • A2, A1 (non-combustible)
  • F 30, REI 30 and F 60, REI 60
System weight 38kg/m² - 83kg/m²
Standard installation height 38mm - 2000mm
Support foot spacing 600mm x 600mm (additional support foot spacing depending on system used)
  • Standard flanking level difference D<sub>n,f,w</sub>
  • Sound insulation amount R<sub>w</sub>
  • Standard flanking impact sound level L<sub>n,f,w</sub>
  • Sound absorption amount ∆ L<sub>w</sub>
  • 44dB - 57dB
  • 62dB - 64dB
  • 73dB - 47dB
  • 11dB - 29dB
Slab thickness 24mm - 44mm
Covering Suitability all BARiT Surfaces
Slab Fiber-reinforced calcium sulfate slab with toothed grooves

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