BARiT Floor Constructions

BARit Floor Constructions

We also take care of floor constructions for you. The installation of screed, dry screed or cavity floors are part of our offering.


For quick and tolerance-levelling subfloor levelling BARiT offers a resin-bonded concrete.

Resin-bonded concrete can offset strong differentials in heights and bridge strong tolerances. With the requirement to compensate for slopes and for lining the subfloor to + / - 0 mm, EP-RESIN-CONCRETE can be installed to cover and compensate for the highest point.

Quick Info

  • planar
  • height adjustment
  • quick readiness
  • low-shrink



BARiT EP-RESIN-CONCRETE is an epoxy resin adhesive bridge installed as a composite. The shrink-free BARiT EP-RESIN-CONCRETE can also offset holes, ridges, etc. and allows for layers from 0 - 250 mm thick.

BARiT RESIN-CONCRETE is composed of quartz granules, gravel and is tied together by a solvent-free, epoxy resin. BARiT EP-RESIN-CONCRETE is free of shrinkage, ready for additional structural work after 8 hours and is resilient after 24 hours.

Suitability rapid compensation to 0 mm
Basic raw-material Epoxy with quarzgranulat
Binding agent Epoxy resin
Fillers/pigments -
Application thickness 0 to 250 mm
Own weight 2 kg/m²
Technical properties Epoxy bound
Resistance to pressure DIN 1164** > 40 N/mm²
Bending tensile strength DIN 1164** -
Processing manual mixing and application
Environmental compatibility free from harmful substances and poison, fully recyclability
Use Indoor
Curing time at 20°C
  • ready for application
  • ready for use
  • after 12 hours
  • after 24 hours
Fields of use Remodeling new buildings

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