BARiT® Commerial Kitchens

Anti-slippery epoxi-floors for commercial kitchens

Highly resilient, seamless epoxy resin-based kitchen floors from BARiT are ideal for school kitchens, commercial kitchens in community catering, canteens as well as hotel kitchens. We offer them in slip resistance classes R 9, R 10, R 11 to R12 V4 with displacement space.

A kitchen floor is permanently exposed to high loads, which it must effortlessly withstand. Our kitchen floors have excellent chemical and mechanical stability, which makes them extremely robust and durable. BARiT kitchen floors are waterproof and thermally resistant, even boiling water does not affect them in the short term. BARiT offers everything from a single source, a complete floor construction for the commercial kitchen, planned and installed with our own employees.

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BARiT Großküchenboden

Quick Info

  • application on site in accordance with DIN 10506
  • seamless
  • waterproof
  • walk over silently and vibration-free
  • chemical and mechanical stability
  • thermal resistance
  • easy to clean and disinfect
  • emission- and pollutant-free
  • tested for fire protection

Hygiene and Safety with the Kitchen Floor

Wherever food is involved, hygienic safety is the top priority. For this purpose, BARiT developed the seamless kitchen floor on a synthetic resin basis. In accordance with DIN 10506, overlapping surfaces, coves and appliance bases are applied smoothly for optimal sanitation. BARiT kitchen floors are easy to clean and disinfect and are chemically resistant to disinfectants.

A seamless kitchen floor is also an important factor in safety. Slip-resistant, trip-free kitchen floors in slip-resistance class R12 V4 are essential for accident prevention in commercial kitchens and cold storage rooms. In corridors or serving areas, the kitchen floor can be installed in R 11 or in the transition area in R 10. We call this concept: Tailor-made zoning for optimum cleaning and hygiene.

Adventages of BARiT kitchen floors:

Convincing through design & functionality

Convincing design & functionality

Free from harmful plasticizers

Free from harmful plasticizers


Durable & stress resitant

Suitable for damp locations

Suitable for humid environments

Low noise emissions, warm & easy on the joints

Low noise emissions & easy on the joints

The look also counts with kitchen floors

Of course, the appearance also plays a role in the floors of a commercial kitchen. Especially when the kitchen floor is also laid out in the catering area and should fit into the rooms design concept. For example, we can supply our MUSEUMS-TERRAZZO in various grain sizes based on RAL color shades. We have carried out a modern implementation in a monochrome concrete look, for example, in the canteen of the new Axel Springer building in Berlin. At NEW WORK, the canteen and the working environment blend into each other.

Of course, the thermal load capacity of the kitchen floor, the possibility of quiet and vibration-free usage, for example with a serving trolley, or waterproofing are also important properties that are fulfilled by BARiT kitchen floors.

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