Barit Industrial Floors

BARiT® Industrial Floors

Above all, an industrial floor must be able to withstand the highest loads - our jointless synthetic resin floor coatings are made for this.

BARiT® Industrial Floors

Industrial flooring should be able to withstand high loads with ease - just like our seamless synthetic resin floor coatings

An industrial floor is specially designed to meet the requirements of various industries. Industrial floors fulfil different characteristics in terms of mechanical and chemical properties. Fire protection is essential. A flame-retardant floor with low-smoke emissions offers much higher safety than simple floor systems that are more quickly flammable and, above all, very smoky.

Depending on the industry, evenness, mechanical or chemical resistance is required. Further requirements could be electrical conductivity for explosion-proof rooms or the ability to self-level. BARiT offers the right industrial floor for every requirement and, for areas exposed to wetness following DIN 18534 Part 3, also supplies the waterproofing as structural or upper composite waterproofing.

For industrial floors, we offer coatings, sealers or jointless synthetic resin floors. An example of this is our heavy-duty floor. It is manufactured and installed as an epoxy floor (EP) or based on polyurethane (PUR). This durable industrial floor can withstand high mechanical loads and is ideally suited for factory floors where lift trucks, forklifts and steel containers demand everything from the flooring. It is non-porous, non-slip and enables vibration-free and low-noise traffic.

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Barit Industrieböden

Quick Info

  • seamless
  • walk over silently and vibration-free
  • non-porous
  • aesthetic
  • slip-resistant in accordance with BGR 181 R 9
  • chemical and mechanical resistance
  • low abrasion
  • easy to clean and disinfect
  • Fire classification Bfl-s1

Self-leveling or elastic industrial floors

The self-levelling BARiT HRL-BELAG is particularly suitable as an industrial floor for high-bay warehouses. Its levelling properties make it particularly even. The evenness per meter is 0.5 to 1 millimeter. The flooring can be installed as a matt or glossy surface in accordance with the BARiT colour chart. Markings for escape routes and restricted and loading zones are possible. Of course, like all our industrial floors, BARiT HRL industrial flooring is slip-resistant, mechanically resistant and easy to clean and disinfect.

BARIT ELASTIC B 65 belongs to the elastic industrial floors. It has high impact resistance and good damping properties. This leads to reduced fatigue of workers during standing assembly activities.

All BARiT industrial floors are available as electrically conductive floor coverings to prevent uncontrolled electrostatic discharges. Our ATEX industrial floors are electrically conductive and comply with DIN EN 1081 between 10⁴ Ω and 10⁶ Ω. Our service profile also includes screed installation, waterproofing and drainage. Our floor coating is suitable for industrial and vehicle halls, and production areas with high requirements for cleanliness.

Advantages of BARiT Industrial Floors:

Convincing design & functionality

Convincing design & functionality

Free from harmful plasticizers

Free from harmful plasticizers


Durable & stress resitant


Suitable for humid environments

Low noise emissions, warm & easy on the joints

Low noise emissions & easy on the joints

Which coatings for which floor?

Not all industrial flooring is created equal. Depending on the industry, a different BARiT floor system is required. With a wide range of product features, such as slip resistance and cold flexibility, moisture management is just as crucial as flexibility in terms of colour, texture and shape.

Thus, INDUSTRIAL and BREWERY TERRAZZO exist, as well as many other coating options that form a watertight unit with composite waterproofing as well as structural waterproofing. Our industrial floors are suitable in production facilities with special requirement profiles, such as distilleries, chemical engineering and bulk goods.

Do you have questions about our floors? From consulting to planning to execution, we accompany you. Whether it is a new construction or a renovation: Our trained expert planners will support you with the floor construction. From gutting to turnkey delivery of your project, we offer it all.

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