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Detail design works

Multiple Socket Connection Units, Expansion Joints, Media Passages, Triangular Base, Flutes, Floor Drains, Slotted Channel, Trough Conveyor

Detail design works

BARiT Floor System's service profile also includes installing screed. The screed program includes floating floor screeds and screeds for separating layer structures with heat and sound insulation, bonded screeds, rapid screeds, anhydrite screeds, as well polished fair-faced floor screeds for the purist concrete look. Raised floors complete our program of services, which are seamlessly covered with a BARiT top layer.

For floor construction for commercial kitchens the drainage system, which includes custom box gutters, gutters and drains slot covers, is an important detail for a waterproof floor. Round and germ-free stainless steel floor drains are specific detailed solutions when a clean room is required.

Grooves, stainless steel and aluminium wall sections, inlaid works, tactile signage and base solutions for the unit bases are the details that distinguish a seamless flooring. BARiT system solutions, years of experience and expertise to bring benefits to the customer:

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