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BARiT FLOOR DRAIN is made of stainless steel. Solid frames, chamfered edges, drain bodies of one piece only afford the very best stability. For covering, there are solid plates with and without skid protection, gridiron grating and bar grates.

Quick Info

  • stainless steel
  • drain body of one piece only
  • solid covers
  • covers to meet requirements of pharmaceuticals and clean rooms
  • easy cleaning
  • thermal loads admissible
  • mechanically stable


Variants of FLOOR DRAINS

smooth panel
smooth panel
Anti-slip panel
Anti-slip panel
sterile cover
sterile cover
with siphon


The BARiT FLOOR DRAIN is made of stainless steel. Additional stability is provided for with its solid frame for the ground connection, rounded edges, and onepiece drain body. Depending on the customer‘s wishes, solid covers with and without anti-slip surfaces, grid and bar grates are available. Lockable covers that emit little odor or are liquid-tight can be used in pharmaceutical and cleanroom areas.
Suction levers allow for the opening and closing of floor drains. Removable bellshaped siphons and dirt collecting baskets, which are placed above the water level, provide for additional hygienic protection.
As part of BARiT’s services, professional installation can also be included alongside supplying the floor drains. For a coupled and seamless integration, these are incorporated into epoxy concrete. Extensive variations in the type of floor drains offer a wide range of solutions.
Stainless steel floor drains can be easily cleaned with our BARiT CLEANER.

Material thickness 2 mm, deep drawer 1,5 mm
Surface chemically descaled
Construction round bodied, no channel connection
Cleaning BARiT Cleaner*
Firesafety on demand
Material Stainless steel AISI 304 1.4301
TYPE BA 150 BA 200 BA 250
Outlet DN 70 mm DN 100 mm DN 100 mm
Flow Ltr./sec. 1,6-2,2 2,7-3,1 3,5
Inside Diameter ∅185 ∅235 ∅285
Outside Diameter of Frame ∅205 ∅255 ∅305
Outside Diameter of Drainbody ∅153 ∅203 ∅253
Length of Outlet Pipe 70 70 80
Height without Outlet Pipe 200 240 260
Height of Frame 30 30 30
Water Level of Trap 60 60 60
* according to cleaning and care instructions
all measurements in mm