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Floor construction

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Hohlraumboden Floor and more®
Hohlraumboden Floor and more®

The FLOOR and more® dry hollow floor system offers impressive in-built properties and state-of-the-art-technology.

FLOOR and more® consists of a supporting substructure and calcium sulphate base plates glued together - a material with excellent structural properties: non-flammable, acoustically highly effective and highly durable after just one day.

Quick Info

  • high endurance
  • easy installation


FLOOR and more® power
- Special panel composition
- Strengthened pedestals
- Stringers are not required
- Safe for driving over with heavy motorised lifting apparatus

FLOOR and more® comfort
- Quick response time for heating and cooling
- Almost all surface types are possible
- Heating capacity of 60 W/m² - 100 W/m² and cooling capacity of 23 W/m² - 45 W/m²
- Environmentally friendly, due to low supply temperature

FLOOR and more® hydro
- Suitable for rooms with higher moisture content
- Can handle high loads

Load-bearing capacity 2 kN - 6 kN
Fire protection
  • Material class of the carrier slab
  • Fire resistance class
  • A2, A1 (non-combustible)
  • F 30, REI 30 and F 60, REI 60
System weight 38kg/m² - 83kg/m²
Standard installation height 38mm - 2000mm
Support foot spacing 600mm x 600mm (additional support foot spacing depending on system used)
  • Standard flanking level difference Dn,f,w
  • Sound insulation amount Rw
  • Standard flanking impact sound level Ln,f,w
  • Sound absorption amount ∆ Lw
  • 44dB - 57dB
  • 62dB - 64dB
  • 73dB - 47dB
  • 11dB - 29dB
Slab thickness 24mm - 44mm
Covering Suitability all BARiT Surfaces
Slab Fiber-reinforced calcium sulfate slab with toothed grooves