Engelhorn Gastro Mannheim with grey BARiT kitchen floor

product category BARIT Designer Floors
area size (m²) 700 qm
architect Blocher Blocher Partners Architecture and Design
client Engelhorn Gastro GmbH
build year 2015

floor description:

The BARiT fair- faced floor screed consists of high density screed based on cement. Still liquid is it applied to the bonding layer from 15mm thick. Later the floor will be sealed with BARiT resin sealing the surface. This ensures high durability and easy care behavior of the soil. To avoid uncontrolled cracks in the floor and to meet the high demands on durability and quality, narrow expansion joints are used in a few places . The BARiT fair-faced floor screed has, depending on the thickness, a compressive strength of 35.0 N / mm2 to 45.0 N / mm 2 and a flexural strength of 5.0 N / mm2 to 6.0 N / mm2 . The fair-faced floor screed provides advantages such as good slip resistance and sustainability because it consists predominantly of mineral substances .

project description:

For the newest food project "DACH" Engelhorn opted for the combination of jointless BARiT kitchen floor and for the functional areas a natural fair-faced view screed . The choice of shade were in coordination with the interior design and emphasizes the color of the room and the lighting conditions. The rugged looking fair- faced view screed emphasizes the modernity of the new gastronomy Engelhorn .

Smoothed yet liquid the fair-faced screed remains natural and thereby obtains an organic look. With its simple design the BARiT fair-faced screed emphasizes architectural concepts .