Franz-Penzolt Center, Erlangen

product category BARiT Clean Room Floors
area size (m²) 16000 sqm
client University of Erlangen, Bavaria
build year 2004

floor description:

The Elastic B 65 and the BARiT cleanroom wall coating form a jointless unit for the animal stables of the university institute. The BARiT PHARMA-TERRAZZO was used in the cage rinsing area, the electrically conductive ATEX-TERRAZZO was used in the operating areas and animal pens for large animals. All floor coverings can be used for clean rooms with high hygienic requirements, as they are both chemically resistant and can be fumigated for disinfection. Coving seamlessly connects the ceilings, walls and floor. Hermetically sealed round floor drains were installed in the animal stalls for both small and large animals.

project description:

The Franz Penzolt Medical Center obtained all floor and wall coverings from BARiT. In addition, BARiT supplied the complete floor construction with composite screed and drainage from a single source. The research building is characterized by a high degree of multifunctionality and offers optimal conditions for research with regard to hygienic requirements.