German Cinematic Museum, Berlin, Sony Center

product category BARIT Designer Floors
floortype SEALANT
area size (m²) 600
architect Murphy Jahn, Chicago
client German Cinematic Foundation
build year 1999

floor description:

BARiT seals are ideal to protect mineral undergrounds from moist. The seals are available colored or clear.

Depending on the underground surface the seals are based on epoxy resin or polyurethane resin. All BARiT seals are free of damaging emissions and ideal for sustainable building.

The BARiT seals EXW or PW11 are great to transform screeds into real design floors by sealing them.

The seal will protect the floor against dirt and dust. It also gives the floor a better resistance against water making it easy to clean.


project description:

As part of the 2000 build Sony Center in Berlin the cinematic museum of Germany was given new rooms. The exhibition takes you on a chronological voyage through German movie history.

The chosen floor was given a graphite black sealing as a homage towards black and white film.

The floor is low on abrasion making it ideal for a museums with a loot of foot traffic.


The foyer, the visitor center and the canteen were equipped with BARiT MUSEUMS-TERRAZZO. BARiT was given the AIT price for our innovative design floor.