Hagesüd Interspice Spice Factory / Monastery Brewery Andechs

product category BARiT Industrial Floors
area size (m²) 10.000 sqm
client Hagesüd Interspice Spice Factory / Monastery Brewery Andechs
build year 1975

floor description:

The BARiT INDUSTRIAL-TERRAZZO is an industrial floor with high load bearing capacity. Wherever normal epoxy coatings are no longer mechanically sufficient as industrial floors, due to forklift traffic, lift trucks or steel container´s wear and tear, the INDUSTRIAL-TERRAZZO is a durable flooring system. The 8 mm thick flooring is suitable for the food industry with high load bearing capcities. The floor is also a staple choice for breweries & destilleries.

project description:

Stainless steel containers and lift trucks with high spot and rolling loads require a mechanically stable floor covering. In particular, the production of food requires a food-safe, non-slip industrial floor that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.