Hybrid-OP, Universitätsklinik Ulm, Ulm

product category BARiT Clean Room Floors
area size (m²) 750 sqm
client The state of Baden-Württemberg
build year 2011

floor description:

The ATEX-Coating Elastic B65 is a electric conducting clean room floor. It has a anti-slip level of R9. The floor fulfills all hygienic and chemical requirements for a medical operations floor. Coves support the installments.

The cleaning and disinfection is easy thanks to the even surface.

project description:

The new surgery of the university hospital Ulm was build with modern operating suits. The suits have BARiT ATEX-Coating floors. The operation suits work on a hybrid level meaning that doctors from all disciplines need to work in it. To accommodate the high hygienic standards a seamless floor was built allowing for easy cleaning and disinfection.

The floor is easy on the legs.