MASTERTERRAZZO at the Hessian State Bank, Mainpark Offenbach, Germany

product category BARIT Designer Floors
area size (m²) 1.515 m²
architect BGF+
client Hessian State Bank, Offenbach
build year 2020

floor description:

The MASTERTERREAZZO was applied on to 1,000 m² on a low-shrinkage floating screed. The floor construction, which was created by Jäger Extension, impresses with the fact that only one joint was necessary for this large area. One argument in favor of choosing the MASTERTERRAZZO is its high mechanical load capacity, as lifting platforms in particular are used for cleaning works in the foyer, which means that there are high point loads.

The MASTERTERRAZZO was developed according to the wishes of the client and BGF architects in the light grain with the natural additives. Narrow angles were built in to separate the two grain sizes. The river and bank landscape emerged. The covering fits seamlessly into the overall architectural ensemble.

project description:

The new foyer in the Mainpark Offenbach of the Hessian State Bank is not only a connection betwen the different parts of the building, but a new point of contact for all employees. Whether event area, cafeteria, meeting area, the generously designed foyer impresses with its multifunctionality. The inner courtyard facing Kaiserleistraße remained open and is freely accessible under the boulevard building. The inner courtyard on the Main side is covered with a foil cushion roof. A central hall of around 1,000 m² forms the heart of the MAIN PARK with a forum and reception. The cafeteria, staff restaurant and lounge areas are attached to the hall as central meeting points for staff.

BARiT was given the order by Wiesbaden based BGF architects to equip all foyer areas with a seamless MASTERTERRAZZO, which highlights the proximity to the Main. For example, a 3.40m wide, lengthways path was developed from the reception to the exit, which symbolises the river in the building through it´s blue coulor and next to it the bank with naturally changing additions.

The MASTERTERRAZZO was installed seamlessly in the 1,000 m² hall and fits seamlessly into the design concept of the architects.