Frey Kaufhaus Cham Gast
Frey Kaufhaus Cham Gast
Frey Kaufhaus Cham Gast
Frey Kaufhaus Cham Gast
Frey Kaufhaus Cham Gast
Frey Kaufhaus Cham Gast
Frey Kaufhaus Cham Gast

MASTERTERRAZZO in Epoxy Terrazzo trendy concrete style, Frey´s Restaurant, Department store, Cham

product category BARIT Designer Floors
area size (m²) 160
client Mathias Frey GmbH und Co. KG
build year 2017

floor description:

The BARiT MASTERTERRAZZO offers a variety of creative qualities in addition to fire protection, water resistance, slip resistance and hygiene. In particular for gastronomic objects, it offers W3-I waterproofness through the jointlessness and combined with the BARiT Upper Compound Seal according to DIN 18534 Part 1 and Part 3 with medium to high water exposure.

The good sound of every shop includes clean and hygienic toilet facilities. By cleaning and disinfecting a medium water effect applies to a toilet system and thus an upper composite seal is an additional security, in order to protect the floor construction against ingress of moisture. The composite screed was protected against ingress of moisture with the BARiT Upper Composite Sealant.

The BARiT kitchen floor has been fitted in various anti-slip classes from R 12, V4 up to R 9 for the new edition areas of the event catering department of the fashion shop Frey in Cham. The MASTERTERRAZZO extends to the toilet facilities by design. In order to meet the high requirements for operational fire protection, the BARiT Terrazzo was chosen, which, according to fire protection, has the highest fire classification that a resin-bonded floor covering can achieve. Equipped with a Bfl-s1, the BARiT kitchen floor is flame-retardant and low-fuming, so there is no risk of smoke poisoning.

The upper composite seal, which provides waterproofness under the MASTERTERAZZO, also has a footfall improvement measure, so that the terrazzo is pleasantly quiet. In the open dispensing areas of the catering kitchen, this is a great advantage in order not to disturb the guests by unpleasant noise caused by rattling dishes and echoing cartwheels.


project description:

The BARiT MASTERTERRAZZO was seamlessly integrated into the trendy concrete look for the new Frey`s restaurant in the city of Cham. For 100 years there is already this special restaurant with window seat and the best view of the beautiful old town of Cham. The client and Ruven Eichert of CucinaPlanConsult wanted a new fresh Frey's Genuss Restaurant as a result, that this gastronomy becomes by style, furnishing and ambience an experience for the whole family. For this comprehensive retreading all requirements for a modern event gastronomy should be fulfilled. This includes not only the guest room, but also toilet facilities for ladies, gentlemen and disabled guests.

Thus, BARiT was not only given the task to combine all the catering areas with a trendy look in concrete, so that seamless work in different anti-slip and above all waterproof on the floor, but continue this look in the toilet facilities of the guests.

Above all, the MASTERTERRAZZO has the advantage that it is resistant to urine and has no joints. That's why unpleasant smells can not develop at all, and so, in addition to the culinary experience, the cleanliness is also positively remembered.

Equipped with a concrete-gray kitchen floor with tele grey additions, the flooring underlines the special charm of this event gastronomy.