Praxis Dr. Stricker, Konstanz

product category BARIT Designer Floors, BARiT Clean Room Floors
area size (m²) 250 sqm
architect Partner Stuttgart
client Dr. Stricker, Constance
build year 2012

floor description:

BARiT Loftfloor is a jointless flooring system with high chemical and mechanical resistance. The floor type can be used especially for health care projects with a large number of requirements for hygienic, chemical and mechanical needs. BARiT offers in combination to this design floor jointless floorings systms like ATEX-Coating Elastic B 65 to meet the requirements for conductivity. Modern heath care center with a large number of medical equipment use conductive jointless BARiT flooring Systems.

project description:

The new medical center of Dr. Stricker has recieved the Loftfloor to fulfil the requirements for design and a light blue ATEX Elastic B 65 for the Operation center. Curves are the best hygienic solution. Both jointless floors are easy to clean and desinfect.