Trendy Restaurant Dave, Berlin with BARiT MASTERTERRAZZO

product category BARiT Commercial Kitchens
area size (m²) 215
architect Edgar Fuchs
client Deutsche Bank, Berlin
build year 2016

floor description:

The upper composite seal in accordance with DIN 18534 Part 1 and Part 3 is always placed under the BARiT kitchen floors in commercial kitchen. For the new project of the German bank, was installed on a composite screed as well as on a heating screed the BARiT kitchen floor in different slip-resistant classes from R 12, V4 up to R 9 as well as a MASTERTERRAZZO. The upper composite seal, which provides waterproof under the kitchen floor, at the same time has a footfall improvement measure, so that the kitchen floor is quiet. In an open gastro kitchen this is a great advantage, not to disturb the guests by unpleasant noise by rattling dishes and echoing wagon wheels. The BARiT kitchen floor is ergonomic due to the structure. Ideal in high-performance kitchens, as the entire kitchen staff can comfortably stand and work for several hours.

project description:

Vintage terrazzo for Dave D., Deutsche Bank's staff casino. In its new building on the Otto-Suhr-Allee, Deutsche Bank opened a staff casino, which at the same time opens as a gastronomic project to the young guests of the nearby TU Berlin. Around 2,200 people work in the seven-storey building, whose façade shifts cube-like gray into the cityscape. At the same time as the passage to the Fraunhoferstraße, the "Dave B." opened. It is open Monday through Friday for both bank staff and all other guests. The self-service restaurant run by one of the world's largest caterers is not only unconventional in the range of food, but also futuristic in the ambience.

Around a circular circle four different self-service stations are arranged. In a converted overseas container, fast dishes such as Asian noodles, burgers on the charcoal grill and shrimp skewers with rice and vegetables are offered.

BARiT was given the task by the interior design of Edgar Fuchs from Aschaffenburg to combine all the guest areas with a floor look, so that it is possible to work without joints in different anti-slip and above all waterproof on the floor. Equipped with a quartz-gray MASTERTERRAZZO from BARiT, made of natural terrazzo stone, whose large grain creates a special charm, all the stylistic elements, such as the infusion of oak parquet and the Italian tiles, were embedded in it almost seamlessly. A gas blind, which does not convince young and old, by the unconventional charm by eating, but creates a special atmosphere.