TU Darmstadt/Deutsches Kunststoff-Institut

product category BARiT Industrial Floors
floortype Industrial Floors ATEX-COATING POWER/ELASTIC, ELASTIC B 65
area size (m²) 1000 sqm
architect mtp Architekten GmbH
client TU Darmstadt/Deutsches Kunststoff-Institut
build year 2011

floor description:

BARiT install Atex-Coating and Elastic B65 for scientific institutions and clean rooms. The Atex flooring is used to avoid electric discharges.

The electric conductive cast resin floors are implemented with a thickness of 2 mm. The coatings are based on either epoxy resin or polyurethane resin.

project description:

ATEX-Coating Elastic and B 65 were used for the new German plastic museum.

The floors were chosen because of their high chemical resistance.


ATEX-ELASTIC: ca. RAL 7048 pearlmousegrey, ca. 100 sqm

ELASTIC B 65: ca. RAL 7048 pearlmousegrey, ca. 900 sqm