TU Dresden

product category BARIT Designer Floors
area size (m²) ca. 1.480 sqm
architect Code Unique Architekten Dresden
client TU Dresden
build year 2004

floor description:

The MUSEUM TERRAZZO, in a layer thickness of 8 - 10 mm, is made of epoxy resin and granulates. The resin bonded epoxy terrazzo is officially approved and meets the requirements of DGNB and LEED. The mechanical strength characterize this surface, especially for public buildings. Architecturally the MUSEUMS-TERRAZZO leaves a lot of freedom for individual design, as this covering can be installed in all RAL colors. For the Centre for Computer Science at the TU Dresden was a color laser green pigmented in order to create a unity of art and building. In 2014 the plaque was subsequently equipped with a tactile guidance system.

project description:

Awarded in 2012 as a University of Excellence underlines the modern campus building of TU Dresden this claim. The laser green MUSEUM TERRAZZO, which was used in the foyer and in the corridors and passageways, is the choice of the grain architectural accents. The wall coating that was used in laser green for toilet facilities, underlining the stringent color choice of the university building.