VW City - Zeithaus, Wolfsburg

product category BARIT Designer Floors
area size (m²) 2.200 sqm
architect Henn Architekten Berlin und Munich
client Volkswagen
build year 2000

floor description:

BARiT was gifted with the price for innovation in 2000 for our MUSEUMS-TERRAZZO. The technical details that convinced the jury were the low installation height and the high load-bearing capacity.

Through the big selection in colors The BARiT MUSEUMS-TERRAZZO can be integrated in all kinds of color concepts. The monochrom and plain aesthetics offer a lot of design choices. Ideal to give rooms for coworkers, guest and customers an individual touch. The 8mm thick terrazzo can be installed on hollow floor systems and heating systems.

project description:

The "Zeithaus" in the VW city is the most visited car museums in the world. Henn Architects developed a glass building to connect the beauty of classic cars with the current zeitgeist. The Zeithaus tells the 125 year old story of cars and VW.

To underline the design BARiT installed a monochrom terrazzo. The fine terrazzo was installed in a traffic grey color connecting all five levels.