Selbstnivellierender Industrieboden (HRL Belag) in der Marburger Tapetenfabrik GmbH + Co. KG

Wall paper Factory Marburg GmbH + Co. KG / Sigloch Buchbinderei GmbH + Co. KG

product category BARiT Industrial Floors
floortype HRL-COATING
area size (m²) 3200 sqm
client Wallpaper factory Marburg
build year 1998

floor description:

The BARiT HRL coating is a self leveling commercial floor. It is of especially good use in high reck warehouses. Through the floors flow features the surface receives a boost in evenness. The cast resin floor is installed with a thickness of 3 mm.


The system for high rack warehouses is seamless and anti-slip according to BGR 181 R 9.

Mechanical and chemical resistance are some of the floors other features.

project description:

For the wallpaper factory Marburg the high rack warehouse was build with a self leveling BARiT commercial floor.

The rack system now has a floor with high mechanical resistance and a high level of evenness.