Wangner and Finckh GmbH, Reutlingen

product category BARiT Industrial Floors
floortype Industrial Floors POWER
area size (m²)
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floor description:

BARiT POWER offers a smooth, mechanically and chemically resistant surface. The floor is ideal for clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and institutes and functional hospital areas. The BARiT-KH-BELAG, type: POWER, is a 2-component system based on solvent- and plasticizer-free epoxy resin, enriched with mineral fillers and inorganic pigments.


The structure of the flooring system and a professional installation technique ensure a low-abrasion floor, resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses. This epoxy resin covering is also resistant to a wide range of alkalis, diluted acids and salt solutions, mineral oils as well as lubricants and fuels.

project description:

Due to the layer´s thickness of 2 - 3 mm, this coating features a high pressure resistance. The BARiT coating was installed in a colored and frosted surface with a slip resistance class of R 9. Since an epoxy resin coating does not always have to look neutral and plain, two different color shades were chosen, resulting in markings that are also useful as indications for escape routes or restricted zones, among other things.