• STERIFLOOR, Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Hospital, Vienna

    STERIFLOOR, Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Hospital, Vienna

  • Sparkassen Versicherung plumbing

    Sparkassen Versicherung plumbing

  • Animal Shelter Stuttgart

    Animal Shelter Stuttgart

  • St. Josefs-Krankenhaus, Mörs

    St. Josefs-Krankenhaus, Mörs

  • Krankenhaus La Colline, Genf

    Krankenhaus La Colline, Genf

  • Praxis Dr. Stricker, Konstanz

    Praxis Dr. Stricker, Konstanz

  • Hybrid-OP, Universitätsklinik Ulm, Ulm

    Hybrid-OP, Universitätsklinik Ulm, Ulm

  • Steri, Universitätsklinik Ulm, Ulm

    Steri, Universitätsklinik Ulm, Ulm

  • Kaiser Franz-Joseph Wien

    Kaiser Franz-Joseph Wien

  • Engelhorn Fashion Mannheim

    Engelhorn Fashion Mannheim

  • Augenklinik Vogelsang

    Augenklinik Vogelsang

  • Franz-Penzolt Zentrum, Erlangen

    Franz-Penzolt Zentrum, Erlangen

BARiT Clean Room Floors

Jointless and non-porous floor coatings offer hygienic and microbacterial security. For more than twenty years, BARiT has been developing floor coatings to meet with the very requirements of pharmaceutical industries and clean-room technologies.

BARiT Clean Room Floors

BARiT offers clean room floors as seals, coatings and seamless synthetic resin floors, for example as pharmaceuticals terrazzo. They are manufactured and installed as epoxy floors or on the basis of polyurethane (PUR). BARiT clean room floors or epoxy floors have a high mechanical and chemical stability and offer a unique strength. They comply with GMP and FDA guidelines, have a high skid resistance and are available fitted in a conductible manner. They meet the strict ATEX guidelines and meet U.S. standards for green building. Ex-proof or explosion-proof by fire class BflS1 provides you with additional security for your production.

Quick Info

  • seamless
  • according to GMP and FDA for Class A, B, C and D
  • non-porous
  • aesthetic
  • slip-resistant in accordance with BGR 181 R 9c
  • chemical and mechanical resistance
  • low abrasion
  • easy to clean and disinfect
  • fire protection classification Bfl-s1