Restaurant kitchen floor on hollow floor at b'mine hotel near Airport Frankfurt

product category
area size (m²) 140 m²
architect Grossküchenfachplanung KDREI Berlin
client B'mine hotels GmbH
build year 2021

floor description:

For the implementation of THE ROOF restaurant, a floor construction on the 12th floor with a hollow floor was chosen. BARiT supplied a graphite-black seamless epoxy resin-bonded kitchen floor. The floor was installed in various slip-resistance classes. Thus, the slip-resistant BARiT kitchen flooring in R12, V 4 ensures that no one falls in the scullery when the restaurant is very busy. Transition areas were designed in R 11 and R 10, so that no accidents due to falling occur.

As the kitchen is located on the 12th floor of a hotel with high demands on hospitality, fire protection has a high priority in this project. The drainage system as well as the media feed-throughs were installed under the strict regulations of fire protection, as was the kitchen floor.

In this restaurant, fresh food is cooked in the midst of the guests, so the issue of loudness was also an important one. Who wants to enjoy their meal with a view of the Frankfurt skyline and the airport when everything next to it is clattering and rattling? The floor construction is smooth-running and quiet, so there is no noise from the scullery or when cooking in front of the guest.

The graphite-black grain matches the stylish ambience.

project description:

The b'mine hotel is a young and dynamic hotel group that adapts to market-relevant requirements and flexibly moves with the times. The Frankfurt Airport b'mine is located in the newly created "Gateway Gardens" quarter, which was part of the US Airbase from 1945 to 2004. What is unusual about the b'mine are the revolutionary CarLifts, a restaurant with a bar as a rooftop, cocooning and a digital concept.

The hoteliers attach great importance to a high quality of stay, intelligent networking and an attractive business community. THE ROOF - RESTAURANT is unique: minimalist, quiet meets colourful, lively and festive. In this THE ROOF - restaurant on the 12th floor, guests should not only think about eating and drinking, but experience, taste and feel with new creations: Fusion Cuisine.